xsarslc: functions to compute cross spectra from Sentinel-1 SLC SAR products

xsarslc is a library to compute cross spectrum from level 1 SAR SLC products. Objets manipulated are all xarray.

Acquisition modes handled by xsarslc are IW, EW and WV.

The input datatree object can come from any reader library but the original design has been done using xsar

import xsarslc
real part SAR cross spectrum



xsarslc can compute both intra burst and inter (i.e. overlapping bursts) burst cross spectrum.

To have comparable cross spectrum among bursts and sub-swaths, we choose to have constant dk values, it means that the number of pixels used to compute the cross spectrum is not always the same.

The algorithm is performing 4 different sub-setting in the original complex digital number images:

  1. bursts sub-setting

  2. tiles sub-setting

  3. periodograms sub-setting

  4. looks (in azimuth) sub-setting

Default configuration is set to:
  • 20x20 km tiles in the bursts. (less in inter burst where we have about 3 km of overlapping).

  • 0% overlapping tiles

  • \(2.tau\) saved cross spectrum

Algorithm Technical Baseline Document


The Algorithm Technical Baseline Document (ATBD) describes implemented processing steps from Sentinel-1 SLC product to cross spectra

Sentinel-1 Level-1B IFREMER Product Description


It describes the format, the files and the content of Level-1B SAR product.



here are some examples of usage


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