Algorithm Level-1 SLC to Level-1B XSP cross spectrum Sentinel-1

This page stands as the A.T.B.D. (Algorithm Technical Baseline Document) for Sentinel-1 Level-1B product generated at IFREMER .

This ATBD describes the processing steps to transform Sentinel-1 SLC (Single Look Complex) product into a Level-1B XSP. Most of the steps applied in Ifremer SARWAVE Level-1B XSP processor are also described in the official ESA OSW ATBD, see Jonhsen et al. [2021].

Overview of the processing steps

Links to detailed processing step descriptions:

Deramping of SLC signal: step 0.1

Tiling burst into tiles: step 0.2

Computation of calibrated denoised sigma0: step 1 and 2

Land detection: step 3

Bright target mitigation: step 4

Compute modulation (and Normalized Variance): step 6

Sub-tiling: step 7

Sub tile granularity operations: steps 10-11-12-13-14

Computation of the azimuthal cut-off

Computation of CWAVE parameters

Computation of MACS parameters

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