About me
My name is Alexis Mouche. I have a permanent position at the Laboratoire d'Océanographie Spatiale at Ifremer since January 2014. My principal field of interest is the interactions of electromagnetic and oceanic waves for ocean remote sensing applications.
2002-2005: PhD in Ocean Remote Sensing.
2006-2008: 2 years post-doctoral position granted by the French spatial agency (CNES) to work on the ocean dynamics as observed at high resolution.
2008-2013: Research Ingeneer for CLS (CNES and IFREMER subsidiary) to develop algorithms for wind, waves and current measurements with synthetic aperture radar (SAR) from space.
2014-Now : Scientist at Ifremer, Laboratoire d'Océanographie Spatiale
2015-Now : Member of ESA-EUMETSAT Scatterometer Science Advisory Group.
Archimer, the IFREMER's institutional repository, provides free access to scientific literature in all ocean and sea-related fields to the widest audience via the Internet. My updated list of publications in peer-review journals is on archimer with direct and free access to most of its content. See the link below:
My bibliography (peer review journals):